Affiliates Program

Affiliates Program

At Foreign Currency Exchange Services our Corporate Account and Financial Institutions service many businesses, such as Travel Agenices, Banks and Credit Unions. We offer our customers competitive exchange rates and low transaction fees. We work to understand your service needs and to provide your customer with superior, convenient and fast service.

We also offer corporate accounts for companies that send staff and executives abroad. We can deliver currencies individually packaged for the various staff, or as a group. We can deliver all currencies for Corporate Accounts. There is a minimum order requirement of $300.00.

To register your company or financial institution for these services please call or email us today.

We will provide you with a Foreign Currency Exchange Services link to your Website, and offer your customers foreign currency delivered directly to their door. You can increase your service offerings to existing customers by providing this currency exchange service. You can also give your customers the opportunity and ability to purchase their Foreign Currency online through your website.

World travelers are in need of a source to purchase Foreign Currency before they travel; Have to ability to offer your website and exchange services to your customers instead of sending them away to another website or business. The website will be your own and the Foreign Currency Exchange Services link will be provided at no cost to you. The customers request is sent directly to us for processing, upon which we fill and ship the orders for you.

Please contact us about our incentive program.

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