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Foreign Currency Drafts

Foreign Drafts

At Foreign Currency Exchange Services, we are experts at international paying and receiving and off shore banking. We understand that not everyone goes abroad for a brief vacation; many travel extensively for business, and need reliable methods of foreign money transfer. FCE Services is the only connection you need for off shore banking transactions - such as foreign currency drafts.

Our foreign money transfer services offer the convenience of having a check, or foreign draft, as payment that is guaranteed to be available by the issuing bank. Foreign currency drafts help you provide prompt payments in foreign currency. Drafts are also known as cashier's checks, teller's checks or treasurer's checks. This form of international paying and receiving are perfect for making large purchases without using your credit card or cash. And your payee will have immediate access to the funds from your foreign money transfer, thereby creating a favorable transaction; receiving funds much sooner than with a check drawn on a U.S. bank.

Foreign currency drafts can be an asset to your customers and your company. You are assured that in an international paying and receiving transaction, the funds needed are immediately available when you use foreign currency drafts. Also, foreign currency drafts are available in over 120 major and minor world currencies.

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