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International Funds Transfers

Money Wire Services from Foreign Currency Exchange

Our International Wire Services are one of the safest, most secure and timely methods of sending money, sending and receiving foreign currency exchange, or transferring funds from one country to another. International electronic wire transfer delivers funds directly into the recipient's bank account, and is one of the best ways of handling an international funds transfer between banks. Contact Foreign Currency Exchange Services now and ask about our money wire services.

Offshore Accounts

Your money is accessible everywhere you go when you have an international or offshore account. Throughout the world you can continue to use the ATMs or check your account status on the Internet. At Foreign Currency Exchange, we recommend you open an offshore account in an international bank that has a good presence in your home country. If your local account in a bank that operates in the country where you are planning to go then everything is already set. When your account is in an international bank, we can assist with money wire services, and perform an international funds transfer as needed. With an electronic wire transfer, we can move your money around very easily without you needing to change banks.

Working Abroad

If your trip abroad will be a long one, possibly for a lengthy work stay, an electronic wire transfer from Foreign Currency Exchange can help you maintain a local bank account. With an international funds transfer to a local bank, you can continue to manage your funds, your credit cards, house payment and utilities that are at your home location. Also, using money wire services to maintain an international bank account is a great way to keep your credit activity from becoming dormant.

Avoid exorbitant ATM and credit card fees while traveling or working abroad with an electronic wire transfer from Foreign Currency Exchange to an international bank account of choice. This will help you avoid an interruption in your credit card use, or paying large handling fees. Many large banks form strategic partnerships with smaller financial institutions throughout the world for your convenience. Wherever you go, you can trust FCE Services for safe and secure electronic wire transfer of your funds.

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