Refund/Cancellation and Terms Policy

    1. When ordering more exotic currencies, additional delivery time may be required. If we are currently out of stock, a Representative will contact you by email or phone with all available information and we will make every attempt to fill your order.

    1. The foreign exchange market has frequent changes in the value of individual currency. We strive to provide our customers with competitive exchange rates. We reserve the right to cancel any order if exchange rates greatly fluctuate. While extreme fluctuations are infrequent, we will contact you and offer the best possible currency exchange for the US Dollar amount ordered or upon your request, cancel the order entirely.

    2. All transactions are final - If a refund is requested, the current buyback exchange rate of that day will be used. This exchange rate is usually lower than the sell rate.

    3. Foreign Currency Exchange Services has formed relationships with credible exchange institutions all over the world. Because we remain independent from these institutions (and do not act as an agent for any entity) we are in a unique position to provide our clients with access to highly competitive exchange rates and services catered to their particular needs.

    1. Your bank or financial institution is the originator or the money transmitter in connection with all transactions. You warrant that your bank or financial institution is authorized to act as a money transmitter.

    1. You shall be fully responsible for any decisions you make, and such decisions will be binding upon only you, based solely on your evaluation and needs.

  1. You acknowledge that you posses no language barriers or other obstacles that would in any way limit your access to entities offering legitimate money transmission services.

  2. Travel accesories have a 15 day return policy. Receipt and unused item are required for full refund.

  3. We buy back paper currency only. Please no coins. This is due to low value and high shipping costs of coins.


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