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*Today's Online Exchange Rates (as of October 25, 2014)

*These exchange rates are for purchasing foreign currency online with a Debit or Credit Card.

In the Detroit area? Please call us at (248) 594-6655 for walk-in exchange rates or currencies (over 50 more) not listed below.

Country Currency Rate Click currency to enlarge
Australia Dollar 0.96877 Australia
Canada Dollar 0.95615 Canada
China Yuan 0.18393 China
European Union Euro 1.37799 European Union
Great Britain/England Pound 1.74677 Great Britain/England
Hong Kong Dollar 0.14350 Hong Kong
Japan Yen 0.01013 Japan
Mexico Peso 0.08172 Mexico
New Zealand Dollar 0.88648 New Zealand
Russia Ruble 0.02784 Russia
South Africa Rand 0.10285 South Africa
Switzerland Franc 1.14715 Switzerland
Thailand Baht 0.03556 Thailand




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