Security Information

It is important to be prepared for international businesses that operate on a cash only basis.

If you are traveling to another country, be sure to know where the nearest U.S. Embassy is located in case of emergency. You can find the list here.

Foreign Currency Exchange Services trades currency at a more competitive exchange rate than airport exchanges.


Travel Security

As you prepare to embark on what will be the adventure of a lifetime, it is critical that you minimize any potential for liability.

The international travel landscape has obviously changed. We would like to alert you to a few potential problems and offer our solutions for your protection.

  • Arriving with local currency avoids extra time spent in foreign airports. Standing in line at an airport currency exchange advertises to strangers that you are not only foreign but are now “obviously” carrying cash.

  • More and more travelers report foreign ATM difficulties. This could include the PIN not being accepted, magnetic strip failure or card not returned. Labor strikes by ATM maintenance technicians have also resulted in travelers being unable to obtain currency.

  • Hotels and major attractions should accept credit cards. However, the vast majority of small business establishments may only accept cash.


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